Free IP Webinar

Cost Effectiveness + Patent Quality

Controlling costs and managing risk is paramount for patent stakeholders.  They can be a challenge when the average cost of patent litigation is over $4 million and at least one has gone as high as $200 million.

Article One Partners, the only patent search firm that draws upon a community of more than 5,000 researchers worldwide, is holding a free webinar to address these and other issues.

Thursday June 10
1:00 PM EST

Join Doug Luftman, Chief IP Counsel of Palm Inc., and Cheryl Milone, CEO of AOP, in this discussion to learn how patent quality can help save money through increasing cost-effectiveness.

Attend this free, live, one-hour webinar to discover how to:

• Use patent quality as a practical measure to more efficiently allocate resources

• Proactively defend against and deter patent litigation

• Increase the quality of your patent portfolio

Join industry leaders in this discussion, sign up today.

Introducing the topic will be Marshall Phelps, former IP chief of IP business and strategy at Microsoft and IBM.

Brody Berman Associates is an AOP advisor.

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