Patent “Plot” Thickens

EDN Takes a Fresh Look at NPEs

In the current Electronic Design, Strategy, News, contributing editor Tam Harbert cuts to the heart of the NPE matter with a timely article that focuses on the performance of patent aggregators.

The take away is that NPEs appear to be here to stay and with them defensive patent aggregators (DPAs), as well. NPEs are growing and increasingly serve to facilitate innovation, not just to impede it, as some would have us believe.

The two major patent aggregators, Allied Security Trust and RPX Corporation, differ structurally and functionally from Intellectual Ventures. All have succeeded in mitigating risk associated with NPEs. IV, arguably, a hybrid aggregator, part DPA and NPE, has accumulated some 30,000 patents. The others, only a few hundred.

Patent aggregators are evolving, and now possess a growing list of participants and patent acquisitions intended to defend members and reward investors.

Brody Berman Associates was a source for EDN article.

Illustration source: Newsletter Archive

One comment

  1. There is one reason that the NPE (formerly, “patent troll“) business model has become increasingly popular: it works. Now, not only are many large corporations starting to accept the inevitable existence of NPEs, but many of them are also joining the bandwagon and either incorporating the NPE business model into their own company structures, or surreptitiously doing business with NPEs in ways that are profitable for them. Now that everyone wants a piece of the pie (and some are figuring out how to get it), NPEs are, indeed, here to stay.


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