Another "IP Insider" Speaks Out


What Patent People Are Saying

Apparently IP Insider readers can’t keep their ears to themselves. This time a reader is offering the top ten things that people are overheard saying at patent conferences. (Her apologies to David Letterman and The Late Show.)

10. The patent is fine. It’s a few of the claims that I’m having a problem with.

9. Of course we’re litigating in Texas. The patent holder does business there.

8. Ray Niro is taking the case and, let me tell you, there is no way he’s settling.

7. Overheard at the sponsored cocktail reception: “Patents don’t kill innovation, people do.”

6. Yes, of course the damages are accurate. We have an expert who will attest to it.

5. Their firm is willing to take our case on contingency. The head of litigation told me they’re putting their best people on it.

4. Jury foreman to defense counsel following deliberations: “Damn, I thought that invention was for the an electric rodeo. What’s an RFID radio?”

3. The inventor told me that knows the patent is infringed. He says  it should generate $100m or more, but that he would take only $80m if he could get a check this month.  He also said that Intellectual Ventures is still interested.

2. We really do want to license the patent, but we would prefer not to have to sue anyone, especially if it’s a big company or someone who works in our industry.

1. The company called him a “troll” until  they bought-out his patent. Now they’re calling him a hero for saving their quarter.

Image source: Bittersweet Coffee

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