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Patents – Technology

Emphasis on the size of the portfolio, innovation reputation and market capitalization. Many of these ten businesses are also valuable brands in their own right.

[Seven of the top ten US patent holders are not US companies. According to Kleiner Perkins, nine of the 20 most valuable tech companies are Chinese.]


Patents – Pharmaceuticals

These businesses tend to have many fewer, less questionable and more specifically valuable patents than high tech companies. They and many of their product also have significant brands value.

[For the relative size and R&D of the top pharma companies, go here.]


Trademarks – Leading Brands

According to Forbes the 100 most valuable brands have a value of $2.15 trillion. Most of the 15 top brands listed own valuable patents, content and trade secrets, too.

[For an infographic of the value of top brands, go here.]



Media & Content Owners

Six companies that own the most media and copyrighted content. Many are significant brands and have patent portfolios.

[For an infographic of what they own, go here.]



Patent Licensing Primarily

Ten leading public patent licensing businesses, their price, up to the minute performance and market value.




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