Patent Portfolio Sale

Nortel Wireless Sale: Unprecedented

Interesting story today in TelecomTV by Peggy Albright about bankrupt Nortel’s disposition of IP assets.

“Even the process Nortel is going through to determine the disposition of its IP assets is unusual. Normally a company’s executive leadership has the ultimate authority over what to do with its IP. And normally a company would conduct its licensing negotiations with the utmost secrecy.

But in this case, Nortel does not have autonomy to make unilateral decisions and the process is being played out in the public domain through the courts. “Right now, Nortel’s advisers are going through their patents one by one to determine the portfolio’s value. That process should be completed this spring.”

It’s unprecedented for a wireless patent portfolio of this size (several thousand patents) and reputed quality to come to market. It will be interesting to see how much cash it generates for creditors.

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