Profs Say Patents Kill Innovation; Strategists Say They Frame It

The Great Patent Debate: A Session to Remember –

Those who attended the “The Great Debate” earlier this summer at the Intellectual Property Business Congress in San Francisco came away challenged and enlightened. A few, it would be accurate to report, were even startled.

For those who could not be there in person a video recording of the session is now available from IAM, the producers of the Congress. It also can be seen by clicking on the image below.

The session pitted Boston University and Berkeley Professors Michael Meurer and Peter Menell against 3LP Advisers consultants Ralph Eckardt and Mark Blaxill. Your humble correspondent had the honor of moderating and maintaining the Marquess of Queensbury Rules. (“No wrestling or hugging allowed.”)

It was a standing room only affair attended by more than 500. Even a broken pipe spraying water on dozens of audience members could not dampen the audiences desire to hear the firey pro and con. (The disruption is observable on the video.)

The net-net: Some experts believe that patents are damaging, even dangerous, and should not be treated like tangible assets such as real estate. Others believe that extracting value from IP rights like patents is a key to innovation and to competing successfully.

The session is worth seeing if you were not there or revisiting (without the umbrella) if you were.

Kill or Frame? — The Great Debate, San Francisco, 2011


Video source: IP Business Congress

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