City of Brotherly Love Ranks High in IP Holders, Advisors

iPlaces: Patents Pave Philadelphia Freeway

Often overshadowed in technology and finance by the likes of San Francisco-Silicon Valley, Boston and New York, Philadelphia is right up there with the very best when it comes to intellectual property rights. The City of Brotherly Love is rich with leading IP advisers, holders and service providers.

IP players located in and around Philadelphia include (in no particular order):

InterDigital (NASDAQ:IDCC), with 8,800 issued patents and 9,700 applications is one of he leading wireless invention developers and patent holders, and of late a much pursed acquisition target. The company is headquartered in King of Prussia.

Allied Security Trust, the defensive patent aggregator is composed of 21 technology giants, including IBM, HP, Oracle and Intel. AST is located in Lambertville, NJ, just over the border from New Hope, PA, where its CEO Dan McCurdy is based. Nearby are the two offices of TPL (Technology, Patents and Licensing), the patent analysis and advisory firm established in 1998 by Charles Eldering, a successful inventor himself. TPL has locations in Doylestown and Philadelphia.

Rembrandt IP Management, the NPE, is in Bala Cynwyd and Bramson & Pressman, the patent law and advisory firm, is in Conshohocken.  Bob Bramson, former Unisys patent chief and InterDigital Patents Corporation  founder and former President, is a director of WiLAN, which has made a hostile bid for fellow Canadian licensing business Mosaid.

The University of Pennsylvania, home to one of the most successful patent licensing programs, is headed by Mike Cleare (formerly of Columbia University). Lou Berneman, who preceded Mike at Penn, is with Texelerate on Delancey Street, a public-private patent advisory and trading group. 1790 Analytics, a spinout from CHI Research and a pioneer in the field of patent analytics, especially in citation analysis, is located in Haddonfield, NJ, a stones throw from Philly.

Royalty rate publication Licensing Economics Review, which monitors patent royalty rates, is published by AUS Consultants of Mount Laurel, NJ. In nearby Warren, there is ThinkFire, the patent advisory firm that is now a decade old. Also, linked to Philadelphia are pharmaceutical and healthcare leaders, Johnson & Johnson, Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Wyeth, Merck, GE and Siemens Medical Solutions. Rohm and Haas, Sunoco, and Boeing’s helicopter division also are in the Philadelphia area. Tyco Electronics, now TE Connectivity, has more than 10,000 patents and is based in nearby Berwyn, PA.

Don Boreman, a key player at ICAP Patent Brokerage and Lucent, lives in the Allentown area, as does Jim Finnegan, head of IP business at Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA) is located on JFK Boulevard in Philly. Cable and internet provider Comcast owns NBC-TV.

If I’m overlooking any Philly-area IP businesses or individuals, please let me know.

*     *     *

Philadelphia Father Ben Franklin did not “invent” electricity as many believe.

He is, however, credited for coming up with the lightning rod, bifocals, the urinary catheter, the water tight ship compartment, a safer and more heat-efficient furnace and the odometer.

Ironically, Franklin chose not to contest infringements of his inventions, “having no desire of profiting by patents myself, and hating disputes.”

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