Dilbert: “I think we can win this patent infringement”

Beating Big Technology with a Good Attitude

Scott Adams’ Dilbert is one unique comic strip. In it Adams regularly regards innovation, technology, and (mis)management, and is not afraid to occasionally take on IP rights, especially, patents.

First published in 1989, Dilbert is known for its satirical office humor about a white-collar, micro managed office featuring the engineer Dilbert as the title character.

The strip has spawned several books, an animated television series, a computer game, hundreds of Dilbert-themed merchandise items and numerous awards.

Dilbert appears in 2000 newspapers worldwide in 65 countries and 25 languages.

Dilbert portrays corporate culture as Kafkaesque — a world of bureaucracy for its own sake in which office politics stand in the way of productivity, where employees’ skills and efforts are not rewarded, and busy work is praised.

From time to time IP CloseUp will draw from Adams’ droll IP insights.

©2011 Scott Adams, Inc., Dilbert.com

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