IP Leaders to Regard “Tipping Point” at Global Business Congress

Opening Session will Focus on Critical IP Developments & Directions

More has happened to cast the spotlight on IP rights in the past 24 months than in the previous 50 years.

With new legislation being enacted, court decisions weakening patents, anti-patent rhetoric, Pirate Parties gaining momentum in Sweden and Germany, and transactions generating billions for sellers, it is difficult to know if IP rights are in fact facilitating innovation and commerce or impeding it.

The Tipping Point, the topic of the lead session on June 25 at this year’s Intellectual Property Business Congresss in Cascais, Portugal, near Lisbon, will attempt to sort things out.

Discussing and debating developments affecting IP rights will be the heads of the EPO, USPTO, LES, Thompson Reuters, the Office of Harmonization, and the Rockstar Consortium (consisting of among others, Apple, Microsoft, Ericsson and Sony).

Moderating the discussion will be your intrepid editor, Bruce Berman. I look forward to seeing many IP CloseUp readers there, as we did at last year’s IPBC in San Francisco. If you are in Cascais, be sure to stop by and say hello, and don’t be shy about asking questions at the session, which will open the Congress.

The Tipping Point will provide those who attend a good opportunity to query heads of important IP organizations about where they think IP is now and where it is headed, and how we can keep it on track. I will have some questions of my own.

The tipping point defined, BTW, “is the critical point in an evolving situation that leads to a new and irreversible development.”

Illustration source: patentdocs.org 

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