Patent Stock Review Aims to Help Investors Compare IP Companies

News aggregator serves up a convenient summary of developments in the public patent space.

Patent Stock Review, a news and analysis website started earlier this year, provides easy to access background on a wide range of public companies involved in patent monetization, including Vringo, VirnetX and Acacia, as well as many that are less well-known.

Published by Institutional Analyst, Inc.(AIA), an investment research firm founded in 1998 by Roland Rick Perry an editor, part-time analyst and investor communications consultant. Mr. Perry is responsible for launching the Internet Stock Review, and also provides coverage for companies in a number of distinct industries including, Biotech, Internet, Entertainment, Restaurants, Special Situations and Private Equity.

Patent Stock Review is not rocket science, but it is very useful. Like many good ideas, it compels a reader to ask, “Now, why didn’t I think of that?”  With its evolving core Watch List, it is a well-timed addition to the public IP company (or PIPCO) information space. Particularly useful are the latest blog posts and most popular blog posts, which provide insight into what people are saying. 

“The Watch List, was created as a starting point for investors who are interested in companies involved in Patent Monetization via internally held patents, patent portfolios or through the acquisition of potentially valuable TurtlesSharkslpatents,” says Mr. Perry. “The list is not a buy list, but rather our universe of companies, whose technology, management, patent portfolio and/or recent market performance we currently find compelling.”

Mr. Perry started Institutional Analyst, the predecessor to IAI,  in 1995. Earlier in his career he was a broker at Drexel Burnham Lambert. While most of the companies he updates are not his clients, Mr. Perry says that to align IAI’s with shareholders, he “seeks to have 90% of clients’ retainer represented by an equity stake.”  The Patent Stock Review is a wholly owned subsidiary of a public relations firm Institutional Analyst Inc. (IAI), which provides or creates coverage for publicly traded companies.

Voyage of Discovery

“The impetus behind the Watch List issuance is to bring attention to the names and/or to the existence of these companies, particularly those with no coverage on Wall Street,” continues Mr. Perry, “and then to have the investors themselves, do the due diligence necessary to decide on their own if any of the companies warrant further study and/or investment.”

The website provides individual news feeds for each company on the Watch List, enabling investors to easily follow the entire group with a single visit. Through Thomson Financial, the Patent Stock Review’s hard copy research reports are made available to more than 22,000  institutional money management firms and over 950 research firms including brokers, investment banks and independent research firms.

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Look for expanded PIPCO 30 list in a future IP CloseUp.

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