Cross-Border IP Deals Scrutinized at Asia IP Business Congress

“Cross-border IP deals: bridges and barricades” will be a featured topic at this year’s IP Business Congress in Singapore, November 17-19.

Securing a patent license or sale is never been a simple matter, even under the best of circumstances. There is due diligence to conduct, skeptical executives to convince, and details that need to be negotiated.

When one or more deal participants is a continent away distances need to be traversed and diverse IPBC2imgrescultures and legal systems understood. There also is the problem of time zones and travel schedules.

In spite of these obstacles the number, type and demand for IP-related transactions have increased dramatically over the past decade, so too has the range of participants and types of assets.

The line up of panelists for this important IPBC Asia session is as follows, with your intrepid IP CloseUp reporter, serving as moderator:

“Cross-border IP deals: bridges and barricades”


Bruce Berman, CEO Brody Berman Associates Inc


Robert Aronoff, Founder and Managing Partner, Pluritas LLC
Masanobu Katoh, Executive Vice-President, Intellectual Ventures
Ruud J Peters, Chief Intellectual Property Officer, Royal Philips
Joo Sup Kim, Vice President of Intellectual Property, LG Electronics Co Ltd

*     *     *

For a full IPBC Asia agenda, speakers and other details, click here.

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