Five New Stocks added to IP Close Up 30 Patent Licensing Index

Finjan, Inventergy, Network-1, Straight Talk and Universal Display have been added to the IP licensing company (PIPCO) stock index, IP Close Up 30.

To remain relevant a stock index must change. Companies added to the IP CloseUp® 30, a conveniently configured, real-time listing of company stock performance, financials and news include those that can be described as operating companies.

These companies are otherwise known as PIPCOs, a term coined by this writer in September 2013.

Companies removed include ARM and Qualcomm, because of their much larger relative size, as well as Murgatroyd and RWS, which are more of an IP services play and less an IP licensing one. AxoGen, a medical technologies company that focuses on nerve repair, was removed because of a lack of IP information.

Inventergy (INVT), which began trading on June 9, says that it will have a market cap of about $150M once its merger with eOn Communications Corporation is completed. According to analysts close to IP Close Up who have examined the public filings this would establish the value of the company’s patent portfolio at approximately $130M.

Network-1 (NTIP) won a rare Patent Trials and Appeals Board (PTAB) ruling on May 23 affirming all claims in its Remote Power Plant patent, and defeating an Inter Partes Review (IPR) challenge (U.S Patent No. 6,218,930). ipcu30-blurb2-21

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As stated previously, the IP CloseUp® 30 is a stock index in progress. It is informally represents small, micro and nano-cap companies engaged in significant patent licensing whose market value hovers in the range of under $1 billion, $50 million to $350 million, and under $50 million.

The goal of the index is to make it easier to follow and understand companies who license their IP actively relative to each other by providing real-time trading data, news and charts. IPCU 30 hopes to include all companies whose stock price and shareholder value are significantly affected by IP performance. This could include direct income generation, such as in out-licensing, as well as strategic or defensive use of patents to secure and maintain market share and profit margins, and to manage risk.

In the future we plan to include more IP Close Up 30 group data, including how the group’s performance compares with other indices, like the S&P 500. Image source: IP CloseUp® 30

PIPCO Monitoring Made Easier:

The IPCU 30 can be conveniently followed on your PC or Mac. Click here, highlight the URL, and drag it to your desktop. Scroll down the page for recent company news.

To access the IPCU 30 on your smart phone: click here, tap the arrow at the bottom (iPhone), and select “Add to Home Screen.” You’re good to go.

Be sure check-in with IP Close Up (the blog) periodically to see if the list has been updated.

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