LES Hot Topic: “Public IP Cos, Their Impact and Business Models”

Licensing Executives Society session at annual meeting in SF will also look at PIPCOs’ profile, performance and future.

This year’s LES annual meeting in San Francisco, it’s 50th, will provide many timely sessions, including one on the future of PIPCOs – public IP (licensing) companies.

Moderated by your dedicated IP CloseUp reporter, Bruce Berman, it features the CEOs of two prominent public IP companies, Joe Beyers, or Inventergy (INVT) and Doug Croxall of Marathon Patent Group (MARA). Additionally, Mark Argento, Senior Equity Analyst at Lake Street Capital, with round out the panel with a discussion of what Wall Street expects of PIPCOs and what they will need to do to succeed.

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Please stop buy if you are there and say hello. We enjoy meeting our readers and those interested in the future of IP, especially those ROI-focused patent holders, both NPEs and operating companies.

See below for a preview.

Workshop 6: Hot Topic – “Public IP Companies – Industry Impact and Business Models”

“Public IP Companies (PIPCOs) have doubled in number since 2012 and some have grown in size. They are causing many patent holders to rethink monetization strategy and infringers to develop new defensive strategies. Most of the PIPCOS are small companies that rely on quality patents to generate revenue and value. This workshop will focus on how a range of publicly held IP licensors, some of which are operating companies, employ innovative business models to in order to generate significant returns on their patents.

“This session will define PIPCOs, discuss how they impact IP rights, especially patents, and identify what they mean for innovation in the years ahead. The session also will address what the future might hold for PIPCOs, especially in light of the America Invents Act and the introduction of Inter Partes Reviews by the UPSPTO.

“The panel will consist of CEOs from two important PIPCOs: Doug Croxall from Marathon Patent Group (NASDAQ: MARA), who has worked closely with Erich Spangenberg and IPNav, and Joe Beyers of Inventergy (NASDAQ: INVT), former Vice President of IP Licensing at Hewlett-Packard and Chairman at Allied Security Trust.

Also joining will be Mark Argento, Senior Research Analyst and an IP specialist at Lake Street Capital. Bruce Berman, CEO of Brody Berman Associates and author of “The Intangible Investor” will moderate. The presentations and discussion will include what their access to the capital markets means to licensing, as well as the uneven PIPCO performance to date. Other topics will include the investing community’s understanding of licensing companies and their impact on the IP eco-system.”

Bruce Berman, CEO, Brody Berman

Mark Argento, Senior Research Analyst, Lake Street Capital Markets
Joe Beyers, Chairman and CEO, Inventergy
Doug Croxall, CEO, Marathon Patent Group


Image source: lesusacanada.org

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