IPCU readers are pre-qualified for discounts for SF-Area software and patent licensing conferences

Not only do IP CloseUp readers benefit from its weekly’s news and perspective, the weekly continues to provide attractive discounts to leading IP events and conferences.  

The upcoming Software and Patent Licensing events being held in San Jose and San Francisco are two such meetings.

IAM’s third annual Software IP heads to (San Jose, October 2) to provide a platform for IP experts to learn about and discuss how to create value from software IP and devise new protection strategies for managing the difficulties presented by AI, open source and SaaS.

Speakers include senior executives at Intel, Cisco, TiVo, Open Invention Network, HP, USPTO and Uber.

IP CloseUp readers who use discount code IPCU250 will receive $250 off of the registration fee.

Panels include:

  • How the game is changing
  • Thriving on the international playing field
  • New protection paradigms for software IP
  • Demonstrating software IP’s ROI
  • Fireside chat: Jonah Probell, IP Strategist at SoundHound;
    author “Patenting for the Small Company”

For the full program, list of speakers or register, go here.


IAM’s fifth annual Patent Licensing (San Francisco, October 3) will provide licensors and licensees fundamentals, best practices and innovative techniques for negotiating win-win deals.

Highlights include understand the fundamentals for creating successful licensing deals in tough market conditions acquiring strategies for getting deals through in new industry sectors with inexperienced licensees.

Panels include:

  • Successful licensing in a tough market
  • Making it happen: strategies for cross-industry success
  • Beyond licensing: why it’s time for technology transfer
  • Licensing masters: lessons from the pantheon

Previous attendees have include executives from Google, HP, Samsung, IBM, Honda, Hitachi Ltd., Sonos, Cisco Systems, GE Ventures,Boeing Intellectual Property Licensing, Ericsson, Rambus, Facebook, Dolby Laboratories, Nokia Technologies, France Brevets, Microsoft, Twitter, Marconi Group,Stanford University, Qualcomm Incorporated and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

For the program and to register, go here. IP CloseUp readers will receive a $250 discount by using the registration code IPCU250.

Image source: iam-events.com; wanderwisdom.com; centralandwolfe.com

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