The Top 100 innovators spent $316 billion on research and generated 145,000 inventions 

Six companies became top 100 global innovators for the first time in 2020.

Fujikura (Japan), HTC (Taiwan), Immersion (US), Microchip Technology (US), Scheneider Electric (France) and Tencent (China) all have made the Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators this year. The top 100 companies in the index spent $316 billion on R&D and produced more than 145,000 inventions, an increase over 2019.

According to the report, published last week, businesses who made the cut have on average risen 250 places in our rankings since 2015, following a trajectory of refining excellence and investment in research and intellectual property formulation.

14,000 businesses were examined. Thirty-nine U.S. companies made the top 100 for 2020.  38% of the companies in the top 100 innovators are focused on hardware and electronics. Despite Alice v. CLS Bank, limiting software patents, software represents a surprising 8% of the companies, and increase in 2% over the previous year.

For an interactive version of the graph above go here. 

Industry Distribution

Ireland, Canada and Taiwan Gain

Ireland has gained a foothold in the Top 100 after the operational headquarters move of Johnson Controls to Cork, and Canada regains a mention through the re-entry of telecommunications firm BlackBerry, for the first time since 2016. Taiwan increased from three to four innovators in the Top 100 through the entry of HTC.

The breakthrough of multiple Mainland Chinese firms into the Top 100 that occurred in 2019 has been preserved in 2020, through the inclusion of Tencent for the first time. We predict the entry of
Chinese research institutions in the next few years, as the widely observed shift from pure volumetric patent filing to selectivity and impact yields results. Within industrial categories there is general movement towards innovators in the tech sectors, such as electronics, software and telecommunications.

Heavy-engineering and chemical companies have suffered lower levels of representation this year. In the chemical and cosmetics category, this continues a trend from 2019.

Pharmaceutical firms have increased from four to six entries, through the re-inclusion of Abbott and Merck. The manufacturing sector also gained a further place in the Top 100, with the re-inclusion of Swiss high-tech manufacturing firm ABB.

For the full Top 100 Global Innovators 2020 report, go here.

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