IP Rights Education in China starts in Elementary School and Middle School

Beijing has since 2015 stressed intellectual property education as part of a national strategy to become a technology leader, according to a report broadcast on China Global TV (CGTV).

“China Emphasizes IPR Education from Elementary School Onward,” is the subject of short but compelling video report mostly in English with Mandarin subtitles that aired in the spring.

The video is clearly intended to inspire Chinese educators, students and citizens to continue to take IP rights seriously. It also appears to be designed to show English speakers that China is no longer a nation of copiers; that it is has added IP to the curriculum and is teaching its youth to be successful creators and respectful users.

How much of this report is State-generated propaganda and how much reality is unclear. What is certain is that China understands what it needs to say and do to gain the respect of IP-producing nations, like the United States, which have been impacted by Chinese IP theft and are concerned about unfair competition.

‘Three Awarenesses’

“The goal of teaching intellectual property rights in middle and elementary school is to nurture the principle of ‘one mind, two strengths and three awarenesses,’ says Wu Hui, Deputy Director of the General Affairs Office, CNIPA. 

“One mind means developing a curious mind; two strengths refers to problem-solving the ability to act. Three awarenesses are rights, protection and respect.”

China is currently preparing for its next intellectual property strategy, which will run from 2021 to 2035. The five-minute video, “China Emphasizes IPR Education from Elementary School Onward”, can be seen here.

An article from Xinhuanet from the China news agency “Feature: IP Eduction Focuses China’s Young Minds,” provides additional background, as does a report from the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding, “China IP Education Initiative Targets Primary and Secondary Students.”

Image source: news/cgtn.com

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