Free Livestream: ‘Living with Covid-19’ to explore work-life solutions and investments

 Some coronavirus management tools will be complex, others relatively low-tech. Most will come from diverse sources and a few will be highly valuable. 

Developing and managing risk-containment products and processes, and the rights to them, are creating new industries and controversies. Intellectual property awareness and use are at the forefront in meeting the challenge.

A timely two-panel livestream webinar, Living with Covid-19: Identifying, Solving and Sharing Work-Life Solutions, will draw upon experts in a range of fields, such as engineering, public health, architecture and  design, economics, intellectual property and venture capital to address these and other questions, including:

  • Preventing/curing the Covid-19 vs. identifying/developing ways to live with it
  • Prioritizing virus-related innovation and entrepreneurship
  • The role or government and private investment
  • Sharing, collaboration and intellectual property rights
  • Ways businesses and investors can profit fairly from managing the virus

Living with Covid-19: Identifying, Solving, and Sharing Work-Life Solutions is being presented jointly by the Institute for Business Innovation (IBI) at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding (CIPU).

The forum will take place on Wednesday, September 30th, 1:30-4:00pm ET/ 10:30-1:00pm PT/ 7:30-10:00pm CEST. It will raise questions, share information and pose challenges. Audience questions are encouraged.

Panel 1: Identifying Daily Covid-19 Obstacles

Daniel Marti, Vice-Chair, Global Innovation Policy Center; ex-Director of U.S. IP Enforcement, Office of the White House; Head of Global Public Policy & Government, RELX Group
Daniel M. Gerstein, U.S. Undersecretary, Science & Technology for Homeland Security; biodefense expert
Charles Cicchetti, Managing Director, Berkeley Research Group; ex-Deputy Director of the Energy and Environmental Policy Center at the John F. Kennedy School at Harvard University
– Randy Howder, Managing Director, Gensler, Architectural Design

  • What industries and activities are most affected by Covid-19?
  • Activities that need to be re-thought
  • Comprehending the financial impact of Covid-19 risk-management
  • Preventing Covid-19 monitoring from becoming surveillance
  • Who is responsible for identifying the greatest challenges?
  • The role of intellectual property rights in facilitating solutions

Panel 2: Developing & Sharing Risk-Management Solutions

Adam Mossoff, Professor of Law & George Mason, Chairman, IP     Forum, Hudson Institute; Board of Directors, CIPU
Gary Lauder, VC and Technology Investor, Lauder Partners
Rhonda Shrader, Executive Director, Berkeley Haas Entrepreneurship Program
Dan Brown, award-winning inventor with 40+ patents;  Professor of  Engineering Design, Northwestern

  • Does living with Covid-19 mean accepting the virus?
  • Will acceptance discourage the development of medications or vaccinations?
  • Simplifying solutions: high tech, low tech and no tech
  • Culture and Covid-19 management: How the U.S., Europe, and Asia Differ?
  • Considering the needs of LDCs
  • Trusting science: How the Covid-19 experience can benefit climate change.

For more event information about “Living with Covid-19, including the program, speakers and their biographies.

To register, go to HERE.

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