#1 IBM Inventor, Lisa Seacat Deluca, is Responsible for 500+ Patents

Who are the most active inventors at the leading patent generating business?

They are led by Lisa Seacat DeLuca, the most prolific inventor in IBM’s history, with 500 patents granted and more than 700 applications pending.

“It’s super fun,” DeLuca, a computer science major in college, told Cheddar. “Really it’s just problem-solving.”

Much of DeLuca’s work is in area that she describes as the ABCs — artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cloud computing — but her main focus is on digital twins. These are precise digital replicas of physical objects that can be used for maintenance and optimization.

A digital twin is, as described in the International Journal of Production Research is “an integrated multiphysics, multiscale, probabilistic simulation of an as-built vehicle or system that uses the best available physical models, sensor updates, fleet history, etc., to mirror the life of its corresponding ‘flying’ twin.”

Many of her inventions are focused on the Internet of things (IoT), a system of interrelated computer devices that speak to each other without human input. The field also touches on mobile, cognitive sciences, GPS, and security.
Research Triangle 
The leading inventors at IBM’s famed North Carolina Research Triangle research lab are Martin Keen and Corville Allen. Keen was the most prolific inventor among North Carolina patent winners with 92. Allen added 36. He was the leading African-American inventor in NC.

Keen now has contributed to 255 patents and is recognized as an IBM Master Inventor. Allen has played a role in 260 patents and has served as chair of IBM’s patent champions group for the past 11 years.

“Corville has 17 years of experience in Enterprise Software Development including web based software, Application Server infrastructure, Business Application Integration and Cognitive Systems,” notes his LinkedIn profile.

He has Healthcare Industry architecture and software development expertise in leading teams to build HIPAA compliant solutions for web and mobile platforms.

2020 was the 28th consecutive year for IBM as the leading recipient of U.S. patent grants with 9,130. Samsung was second with 6,415 and Canon third with 3,225. Microsoft was fourth with 2,905.

Cloud Computing Strong

Of IBM’s 9,000+ patents received in 2020, more than 3,000 were related to cloud and hybrid-cloud technologies. IBM acquired Raleigh-based Red Hat in 2019 as part of its cloud strategy. Another 2,100 came in artificial intelligence.

IBM secured an unspecified number of quantum computing patents. IBM has a quantum lab at N.C. State. Another 1,400 were related to security.

Image source: twitter.com; cheddar.com; wraltechwire.com

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