China Launches ‘IP Publicity Week’ on April 20th, Preceding World IP Day

The 13th ‘IP Publicity Week’ is being launched by the China National Intellectual Property Administration tomorrow, April 20th, leading up to World IP Day on April 26th .

At least 18 member departments are involved, including the Supreme People’s Court, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (see image above).

The message is that China takes IP very seriously and wants its agencies, people, creators and the world, to know it is not only actively developing IP and securing rights, but thinking about how they are regarded.

Like it is

Beijing does not hesitate to tell it like it is – ‘IP publicity’, not awareness, not education. The U.S. and other nations can learn from China’s desire to make IP more a part its national consciousness and proactive messaging targeted to multiple domestic and foreign audiences.

The China IP News announcement about IP Publicity Week 2021, translated into English can be found here.

Go here for information about 2020 IP Publicity Week, including activities and a useful but untranslated video.

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