IPBasics.org is Launched: Less is More When it Comes to Understanding IP Rights

When it comes to understanding intellectual property rights at least one organization has come to believe that less is more. 

A fresh approach to learning why IP rights exist and who they benefit was introduced today by the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding, a non-profit. The CIPU-curated portal makes it easy for everybody to attain basic IP knowledge.

Viewers of all ages and backgrounds can begin to grasp the major IP concepts of sharing and protection through IPBasics.org. Site content features examples and explanations of the four types of intellectual property rights, including NIKE, LEGOS, iPhone and the Beyonce catalogue and products.

The site draws on videos, organizations, examples, and content to create a framework for understanding. The five basic principles of IP, and a 200-word history are readily available for those who would like a slightly deeper dive. Videos as short as 60-seconds and IP infographics round out the site.

“IP awareness is everybody’s business,” said Brian Hinman, Chief Innovation Officer at Aon IP Solutions and former Chief IP Officer at Philips, Vice President of Licensing at IBM, Verizon and InterDigital. “Understanding IP’s role in value creation process and helps serves individuals and businesses alike. IPBasics.org makes attaining IP literacy easy and interesting.”

IPBasics.org is being continuously updated with new and better content. IP professionals can use the site to better explain their work and encourage good IP behavior.

“Intellectual property is not just for experts,” said Bruce Berman, Chairman of CIPU, and an IP communications specialist. “It needs to be on everyone’s radar. Whether a creator, consumer, educator or investor, IP rights play a significant role in allowing inventions and creative expression to be shared.”

To see the site, please visit www.IPBasics.org.

The Center for Intellectual Property Understanding (CIPU) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the impact of IP rights on individuals, businesses and society. CIPU provides outreach to improve IP literacy, promote sharing and deter theft. Established in 2016, the Center holds events, such as the annual IP Awareness Summit, creates strategic content, publishes reports, and provides a context for collaboration and discussion www.understandingip.org.

Image source: CIPU



  1. This is a great initiative. We may be aware of patents, trademarks, and copyrights and have a general understanding of what they are, but we may not fully comprehend them or how they meet their purpose. That is also true of the general public. Though there is a rise in intellectual property awareness, there is no parallel rise in IP understanding.


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