‘Entrepreneur of the Year,’ Tiffany Norwood, Will be 2022 IP Awareness Summit Keynote on April 5th – Registration Open

Tiffany Norwood is successful entrepreneur, creator, Wall Street financier and educator. She also on a mission to help others succeed. 

The 2022 Entrepreneur of the Year recipient from Cornell University will be the keynote speaker at 5th Intellectual Property Awareness Summit. IPAS 2022 is being held at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business on April 5th. Anyone can register.

One of the first successful black female tech entrepreneurs, Ms. Norwood’s career has spanned 52 countries, 30 years, seven start-ups and hundreds of commercializable ideas. She received her first IP right, a patent, at the age of 23.

Ms. Norwood raised $670 million for a satellite startup, WorldSpace, now a part of Sirius XM. The capital was used used to build the first global digital radio platform. At the time she was just 27 years old.

As Cornell University’s 2022 ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ Ms. Norwood is in good company. Previous recipients have included financier Sandy Weill and Qualcomm founder and former CEO, Irwin Jacobs. She is only one of four women to receive the honor since 1984, and the first black women.

‘Narative Defines Everything’

“Story-telling is so critical. Narrative defines everything,” she told the ‘Understanding IP Matters’ podcast. “As an innovator, you’re literally trying to get people to see new realities, and the first way you do that is with narrative and with story.”

“Entrepreneurship and innovation literacy is not only for creators,” she explains. “Storytelling, collaboration, and a cultivated imagination are primary skills for learning ‘the science of turning imagination into reality.'”

In between start-ups, Ms. Norwood has had a career on Wall Street working in sales and trading for Morgan Stanley in New York and Citicorp in London. She also has worked in Mergers & Acquisitions. In between assignments she created a healthcare clinic in Ethiopia that has thus far served 12,000 patients.

“Intellectual property matters. It’s saying, if you help us change the world, one product at a time, one move forward in medicine or science or education, we will let you reap some of the reward” 

An accomplished painter, Ms. Norwood has also played bass in a rock band and has a total of ten godchildren in the U.S. and Europe, where she has lived. She holds a B.S. in economics with minors in statistics and engineering from Cornell and an MBA from Harvard.

Currently, Ms. Norwood is the Founder and CEO of Tribetan an EdTech company that teaches entrepreneurship and innovation literacy as a life skill and success a human science. Venues with which she has shared her insights have included the European Parliament, Yale University, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, KMPG and the South African Embassy.

“Intellectual property matters, because it’s saying, ‘Hey, we’re giving credibility and value to your imagination — and if you help us change the world, one product at a time, one move forward in medicine or science or education, we will let you reap some of the reward for that.'”

Keynote Speaker on April 5th

Ms. Norwood will discuss innovation literacy and role of story-telling communications skills in the science of turning imagination into reality, as keynote of the 5th Intellectual Property Awareness Summit.

IPAS 2022 is being held by the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding (CIPU) in conjunction with the Institute for Business Innovation at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business on April 5th. For the IPAS 2022 program go here.

For the speakers and their biographies here.

To attend in-person, register here. For those unable to attend in-person, a livestream will be available. Availability is limited for both in-person and livestream tickets.

Norwood Podcast

Visit the ‘Understanding IP Matters’ podcast for a recently recorded episode featuring a conversation with Ms. Norwood.

Go here for recent article on IPWatchdog about Ms. Norwood and her pioneering work in innovation literacy.

Image source: Tribetan.com; http://www.understandingip.org


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