Movie Producer and Innovation Advocate Jon Taplin is Confirmed as Featured Speaker for IP Summit Near SF

Jonathan Taplin, veteran movie producer, Innovation Lab director, author, Wall Street deal maker, inventor and ex-tour manager for Bob Dylan and The Band, has been confirmed as the featured speaker at the 5th Intellectual Property Awareness Summit on April 5th.

Taplin knows a thing of two about the impact of intellectual property rights. He has produced movies for Martin Scorsese (including Mean Streets and The Last Waltz), among other prominent directors and actors, such as Nicole Kidman. His films have been nominated for Oscar and Golden Globe awards and chosen for The Cannes Film Festival five times. Together with George Harrison, he produced the Concert for Bangladesh.

Taplin has worked on Internet deals for Merrill Lynch, and created the first video-on-demand service, for which he sued a well-known company for infringing his patents. He is author of an acclaimed 2017 book on technology and culture, Move Fast and Break Things, which The Financial Times called one of the best business books of the year. A recent autobiography, The Magic Years, about the music industry in the 1960s and early 1970s, was published this year.

Taplin is a council member of the Authors’ Guild, the Academy of Motional Picture Arts and Sciences and is Director Emeritus at University of Southern California’s Annenberg Innovation Lab.

“Without IP there would be nothing’

An outspoken critic of copyright abuse by streaming platforms and technology companies, and an advocate of creators’ rights, Taplin believes innovators, including musicians, writers, inventors and entrepreneurs, need to be treated fairly. At risk, he says, is a range of output from sound recordings to medical break-throughs and independent journalism; from culture and jobs, to the economy.

“Why is it that Apple has such a dominant share of the smart phone market or American movie companies dominate the movie space and music business?” says Taplin. “It’s because of intellectual property rights; without them there would be nothing.”

IP Awareness Summit – April 5th 

IPAS 2022, open to all, is being held by the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding (CIPU) in conjunction with the Institute for Business Innovation at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business on April 5th. For the IPAS 2022 program go here. For the speakers and their biographies here.

To attend IPAS 2022 in-person, register here. (Early bird discount ends March 7th.) For those unable to attend in-person, a livestream will be available. Availability is limited for both in-person and livestream tickets.

Go here to hear an interview with Taplin on the podcast ‘Understanding IP Matters’.

More about Taplin, including links to his articles, lectures and interviews, can be found at

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