Intel Inventor and Children’s Book Author Says Kids Need to Learn to Fail In Order to Succeed

Inventor Arlyne Simon wants to change the world — and how children view It.

The Intel Corporation biomedical engineer, author and entrepreneur tells listeners on the on the latest episode of the “Understanding IP Matters” podcast, which became available this week, that children to need to learn problem solving skills early, especially those associated with inventing.

Dr. Simon, who is responsible for developing medical products and supercomputer design, believes children as young at four can understand how to solve problems and start to acquire the skills necessary to achieve their dreams.

She believes creative problem solving should be the foundation of every child’s education. The Intel Corporation biomedical engineer who was born on the Caribbean island of Dominica says that failure is a part of every inventor’s success, and that we need to learn how to fail in order to succeed. That goes for children, too.

Dr. Simon is the creator of Abby Invents, a highly regarded book series for children about perseverance, the power of learning, and the invention process told from the perspective of a young black girl.

Failure is a part of every inventor’s success.
Children need to learn how to fail in order to succeed.

“We need to start talking to kids about the inventing process as soon as possible,” she tells host Bruce Berman. “Even in kindergarten children the can understand the concept of overcoming hurdles. That way, they grow up knowing that they can overcome hurdles and basically can be anything they want to — an athlete, a musician, a dancer, and an inventor. You can be both, too. You don’t have to choose one or the other.”

From Leading Edge to Kindergarten 

Dr. Simon has worked in the medical device industry, focusing on the interoperability of syringe design. The data from that work was eventually tied into a regulatory document that now guides other syringe manufacturers around the world. Her work in material science helped to make sure infusion pumps deliver the right amount of a drug.

At Intel’s Data Center Group, she worked on developments associated with supercomputers. “I wouldn’t say I created any technology per se, in that role.  I was more of a systems engineer. I’m very much a user-centered designer. As a systems engineer, I listen to the pain points of the individuals working in national labs, and respond.”

She also has worked at Intel on improving ultrasound technology.

“Ultrasound machines are a vital part of the medical imaging suite,” she says. “They are particularly beneficial because they are low-cost, free of the effects of radiation, and deliver near-real-time results.”

Listen Now or Later

To hear an interview with the multi-faceted inventor, authors and fashion designer, tap here. The episode is the 8th of season 2 of ‘Understanding IP Matters’ — Arlyne Simon Wants to Change the World — and How Children View It.

More information about the interview with Dr. Simon and Season 1 and 2 episodes of UIPM can be found on IP Watchdog. Go to the top menu, then podcasts. All UIPM podcasts can also be heard by tapping or on Apple, Spotify or Google podcasts.

To learn more about Dr. Simon, visit

For information about the ‘Abby Invents’ book series and learning tools, go here.

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