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LES annual meeting to be held in Boston October 14-17

The birthplace of innovation, Boston, is the site for the 2018 Licensing Executives Society meeting.

The opening session, “Advancing Innovation Through a Renewal of Trust,” will feature Andrei Iancu, USPTO Director, Bill Elkington, Senior Director – IP Management, Rockwell Collins and Walter Copan, National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Director and Under Secretary of Commerce for Standards and Technology.

Other sessions include:

  • Funding Startups – The Boston Perspective
  • Increasing ROI for Government-Funded Research
  • Advanced Telecommunications Licensing, 4G, 5G and LTE for Automobiles
  • US or Them – Who is Going to Set Standards for Licensing
  • Patenting Machine Learning
  • 2018 Tax Consequences: Coordination of IP Monetization and Tax Planning
  • Life Sciences Partnering Performance and Reputation Survey Results
  • Maximizing IP Value and Minimizing Risk in M&A Transactions

For the full 2018 LES annual meeting agenda, go here. For the speaker biographies, please visit http://www.lesmeetings.org/am18/speakers/

To register, go here.

Image source: lesmeetings.org 

Video: Smartphone Patent Fight is Also a War of Words

“What’s Going On?” says Google Chief Legal Officer About Collaborative Bidding –

The battle between Google (GOOG) and is smartphone rivals including Apple (AAPL) and Microsoft (MSFT) got more heated last week.

In a public statement flagged by Bloomberg TV Google Legal Officer David Drummond as saying: “Apple and Microsoft had been at each others’ throats, so when they get into bed together you have to wonder what’s going on.”

Google, with just 693 patents, recently added to its portfolio with a purchase of an additional 1,000 from IBM. It is not clear what those patents read on. Google and its competitors are actively interested in InterDigital’s (IDCC) heavily 4G portfolio.

Drummond said last week “Android’s success has yielded something else: a hostile, organized campaign against Android by Microsoft, Oracle, Apple, and other companies, waged through bogus patents.”

Steven Levy who wrote a book on Google, a latecomer to patent strategy, believes the public war of words may not be enough to fend off businesses holding patents the company needs.

Video source: Bloomberg


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