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AST’s 2018 patent purchase program is open July 9 – July 20

Patent holders, this year’s version of Allied Security Trust’s Industry Patent Purchase Program, “IP3,” is a good indication of where the demand is highest.

The 2018 fixed price, time-limited program AST and its members are searching for patents primarily in the following categories:

  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
  • Automotive / Transportation Services
  • Blockchain
  • Internet of Things / Connected Devices
  • Smart Home
  • Software / Web Services

Most technologies are no surprise, but others, like Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality, may encourage lawyers and their clients to revisit portfolios. It is also good to see interest in Software Patents, as well.

The window for submitting patents for sale will be open from July 9 through July 20.

For complete IP3 2018 program details and to submit your patents for sale, go here.

Image source: ast.com

Caught and Released

MOSAID Buys AST Patents

MOSAID a well-know Canadian NPE that owns approximately 2,000 semiconductor, communications and related patents disclosed on March 3 in a regulatory filing that it acquired patents from Allied Security Trust, the defensive patent aggregator. Trust members include H-P, Google, Cisco, Verizon and other large operating companies. See statement below.

“Subsequent to quarter end, MOSAID purchased a portfolio of Power Control and Memory Management patents from Allied Security Trust of New Jersey. The portfolio consists of five U.S. patents and foreign counterparts. MOSAID received full title to the portfolio for an undisclosed non- material amount, paid immediately. Licensing revenues are not subject to revenue sharing arrangements with the seller.”

MOSAID is based in Ottawa, Canada.

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