What They're Saying

Top Topics at IP Conferences

Here are the top 10 things people are saying at intellectual property conferences around the world. They are courtesy of an East Coast IP Insider reader. Our apologies to David Letterman and CBS.

10. I’m working on really cool stuff right now but it’s confidential so we can’t discuss it.

 9.  Doesn’t it seem like we heard the due diligence guy last year?

 8.  Patent reform is important, especially for companies that don’t have the right patents to begin with.

 7.  I wasn’t aware the smoked salmon was imported from China.

 6.  Non-practicing patent holding entities (NPEs) are a big problem to operating companies, unless of course they can figure out how to become one.  

5. Who here can use the word “plenary” in a sentence?

4.  If more IP executives had the letter “C” in their titles patents would not be in this mess.

3.  I hope my kids like the exhibitor pens and Post-It Notes I’m stuffing in my briefcase.

2.  One independent claims panelist suggested that we attend the break and skip his session.

1.  My CFO thinks IP is too serious for conferences to be held in resort destinations like Maui and St. Barts.

IP Insider readers would appreciate hearing others’ IP Top Ten lists. Fire away.

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