The Times IP Supplement Targets Mainstream Readers

The Times of London today published a sponsored 16-page special report devoted to intellectual property developments that addresses general and business readers with sprightly illustrated articles, data and commentary.

The focus of the content in Raconteur provide an indication of what interests non-professionals and more mainstream readers about IP issues, and how best to reach them. The advertisers are mostly IP services firms.

Raconteur-IP-Cover-339x428Topics covered include “Valuing the Power of UK Creativity,” “Standing Up In Court” and “Valuing the Knowledge Economy.” There’s even a story about Kim Dotcom Schmitz in which he suggests ways of defeating piracy.

The articles are clearly written and the graphics are particularly strong. A copy of the 2014 focus on IP can be found here.

The World’s Most Innovative Nations can be found here.

The supplement is “An independent publication by special interest media company Raconteur.”

IP is slowly maturing as a business topic beyond “troll”bashing, and one worthy of broad scrutiny. Efforts on the part of mainstream media to facilitate accurate, interesting IP coverage are a step in the right direction.

Image source: (cover of 2013 supplement pictured)

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