New look ‘IP CloseUp’ makes for easier reading, scrolling

IP CloseUp has been updated with a new WordPress theme that provides more information quicker and more visually.

Expect the same great weekly content, data, people and perspective.

The update is designed to make reading current posts easier and perusing previous ones faster. (There are more than 400 posts on IPCU dating back to 2012. They can be searched by topic or keyword on the blog.)

IPCU is optimized for tablets and mobile, although most readers prefer to view it full-screen. This year IP CloseUp received a top-fifty rating from Feedspot out of more than 1,000 IP-related blogs.

Tell Us

Please let us know if the updated format is working for you. And tell us which topics that you would like to see covered and which posts you like best.

Receive posts directly as they are published by subscribing for free on the right side of the home page.

Alternatively, you can receive alerts to IPCU posts on Twitter by following us at or at publisher Bruce Berman’s page on LinkedIn at,

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