Google for Education announces originality reports to prevent student plagiarism

In time for the new school year, Google, the search and technology company owned by Alphabet, has expanded its K-12 education platform to include a feature that tracks plagiarism and dissuades copying the work of others.

Google for Education’s new feature is designed to check students’ work for originality and plagiarism across its Assignments and Classroom learning platforms.

“The feature, called originality reports,” writes ZDNet, “allows instructors and students to check work to ensure it is cited properly and avoid plagiarisim or copyright infringement.

Originality reports checks a student’s text against billions of web pages and millions of books. The system will highlight text that needs a citation or includes phrases similar to what’s on the web.

Tricky Challenge

“Today’s students face a tricky challenge — in an age when they can explore every idea imaginable on the internet, how do they balance outside inspiration with authenticity in their own work?” Brian Hendricks, G Suite for Education product manager told VentureBeat.

“Students have to learn to navigate the line between other people’s ideas and their own, and how and when to properly cite sources.”

Google has not indicated whether it would be launching similar services to identify unauthorized content sharing or patent infringement.

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