IP Watchdog: Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes, a ‘true’ story worthy of a novel, yet to be fully told

A trial will begin next summer in San Jose federal court for Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos’ ignominious founder, CEO and lead inventor, whose name is associated with more than 200 patents.

HBO feature-length documentary on Theranos, “The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley,” is the subject of a perspective piece in IP Watchdog by Bruce Berman. It is doubtful that the atmosphere has improved that permitted Theranos and Holmes to operate undetected in Silicon Valley, and for experienced investors to lose more than a half-billion dollars.

The article provides insight to Holmes’ deception and the environment that appears to have permitted it to continue undetected for twelve years.

Writes Berman: “In competitive settings, amidst the pressure to perform, it can be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction, let alone right from wrong.”

“The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley,” the HBO non-fiction film, is as unbelievable as it is true. It is a cautionary tale that dramatizes the extraordinary narrative of a 19-year-old Stamford engineering student, a drop-out like Gates, Jobs and Zuckerberg before her.

She establishes a diagnostics company that says it can conduct important diagnostic tests with a drop or two of blood; attracts important investors and advisors, including Larry Ellison, Rupert Murdoch and former Secretaries of State Kissinger and Shultz; raises $700 million. The company’s valuation soars to over $9 billion. Holmes’ net-worth is $4.5 billion. She is on the cover of Forbes and Fortune, one of the most successful businesswomen in history.

Read “HBO Tells only Part of ‘Inventor’ Elizabeth Holmes’ Story” here.

Image source: biography.com; bafflethink.com  


  1. Results of Search in US Patent Collection db for HOLMES: 55921 patents. Results of Search in US Patent Collection db for “Elizabeth HOLMES”: 8 patents.


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