USPTO and EUIPO are focused on improving IP awareness; easier web access a priority

Different approaches to a similar challenge — providing quicker access to information about intellectual property rights to a range of audiences — were recently introduced the United States Patent and Trademark office and the European Intellectual Property Office. 

On October 21st IP CloseUp received a USPTO Alert announcing new landing pages for key topics directed to those seeking information about IP. The new “more intuitive” approach streamlines the process and permits people to identify and access the resources they need more quickly.

Redesigned Landing Pages

“You may have noticed some changes on,” said the Alert. “We recently redesigned the landing pages for each of the major sections of our website:

“Along with a new look and feel, the pages have more links and intuitively organized information, as well as a toolbar for commonly used USPTO transactional systems like EFS-Web, PAIR, TEAS, and TESS (trademark search), to name a few. Each section page also includes the latest news and upcoming events related to its focus.

“This work is part of a continuous effort to refine the website based on stakeholder feedback and usability best practices.”

High Priority

Landing pages are enormously important. They play a key role in getting those curious about IP (or who should be) to the right place by anticipating needs and expediting access.

In recent months the EUIPO also upgraded its Ideas Powered website, a timely and accessible resource which is aimed primarily at young Europeans, both consumers and creators.

“The Ideas Powered website aims to support the Ideas Powered initiative, which is designed to educate young Europeans between 15 and 24 about Intellectual Property (IP) and inspire them to think about how IP works in practice, by highlighting the relevance of different IP rights, their economic and social value for young people and their daily lives and the impact of IP infringements.”

“The Ideas Powered initiative also encourages youngsters to contribute to, share views and comment on these issues. It aims to complement the dialogue launched on social media accounts, Facebook and Twitter by hosting dedicated contributions from active young artists, entrepreneurs, bloggers, creators, etc., from various European countries.”

Ideas Powered can be found here.

Also being offered through the EUIPO is the Ideas Powered @ School, directed at teacher training.

Together these timely web moves are strong affirmation of the importance of providing a basic understanding and level of IP literacy to a range of stakeholders, including students, educators and creators, as well as consumers and investors.

NSTI is the USPTO’s National Summer Teacher Institute.

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