Driven to succeed: IP Educators are breaking down barriers for students of all ages

A series of short articles has been published featuring the experience of IP enthusiasts who have been inspired, or driven, to come up with creative approaches to conveying the subtleties of intellectual property to students who have had no other exposure to law or IP.

The posts are appearing on the widely read IPKat blog.

“I am sharing my introduction followed by the first three of the special commissioned IPKat IP Education posts,” writes organizer Ruth Soetendorp, an internationally regarded IP educator and Associate Director, Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management, Intellectual Property Awareness Network.

“There are about half a dozen posts to follow (by Dinusha Mendis, Sabine Jacques, Joe Sekhon, James Conley, and the UKIPO) which will cover ‘the IP advice letter project’, IP gamification, social media in the IP classroom, IP education online resources, and a couple of other topics.

Continues Professor Soetendorp: “Despite rising levels of student interest in learning about IP, the challenges facing academic Higher Education IP educators are immense, and sometimes feel insurmountable. Greatest of these firstly is to persuade non-law faculty to allow IP education into a programme. There is often reluctance to make space for a topic that students value but their teachers don’t fully understand…

“IP Educators are successfully breaking down barriers between faculties, building dialogues, and introducing interdisciplinary activities that are fun and enhance IP learning.”

The three IP education series articles to date:

Image source: Dave Blazek for Code42;

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