Intellectual Property Scholar and Educator, Adam Mossoff, is Named to the CIPU Board of Directors

Leading legal expert and proponent of patent quality and IP rights, Adam Mossoff, has been named to the board of directors of the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding (CIPU), an independent non-profit.

Mr. Mossoff is Professor at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia School of Law. He is founder and past-Executive Director of the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property. His academic research has been cited by the Supreme Court, by the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and by federal agencies.

Professor Mossoff has been invited to testify several times before the Senate and the House on proposed patent legislation, and he has spoken at numerous congressional staff briefings.

“CIPU is fortunate to welcome one of the leading voices of IP quality and standards,” said Bruce Berman, CIPU founder and Chairman.”Professor Mossoff’s work on behalf of both IP owners and creators, as well as the general public, is renowned, as is his commitment to IP awareness.”

Professor Mossoff’s writing on patent law and policy has appeared in The New York Times, Forbes, The Hill and many other media outlets, as well as main scholarly journals. He is a member of the Academic Advisory Committee of the Copyright Alliance, and has served as past Chair of of the Intellectual Property Committee of the IEEE-USA. He is currently a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, where he chairs Hudson’s Forum for Intellectual Property.

Professor Mossoff will be moderating the Innovation and IP Policy panel at the third IP Awareness Summit (IPAS 2020) on March 5 at UC Berkeley. IPAS 2020 is being held by CIPU in conjunction with UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and the Tusher Center for the Management of Intellectual Capital.

To view the IPAS 2020 agenda and all speakers, as well as partners and supporters, visit

The Center for IP Understanding

The Center for Intellectual Property Understanding (CIPU) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about creations of the mind and their impact on people and business. CIPU provides outreach within an educational framework that seeks to improve IP literacy, promote freedom of ideas and deter infringement.

Established in 2016, The Center provides a context for how patents, copyrights and trademarks facilitate ideas and encourage competition. CIPU holds events, publishes summary research reports and engages in strategic partnerships with organizations, educators and owners to promote IP awareness.

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