Future of innovation to be focus of ‘KnowIt’; Key issues for creators, advisors and capital providers

KnowIt, a new and innovative conference for people engaged in technology, including 5G and AI, will bring together a diverse community of executives, creators, investors and IP professionals for discussion and potential collaboration. 

The dates are May 11-14 at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, and goal is to draw from the SF Bay Area, L.A., Northwest, as well as Texas, Northeast, Asia and Europe, in what is being described as a unique and conducive setting for discussion, learning and deal-making.

KnowIt attendees will include lawyers (in-house and outside counsel), academics, inventors, authors, brand creators, cybersecurity and privacy professionals, leaders in government, regulators, startups, tech companies, investors, non-profits, media, Wall Street analysts and more.

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Dramatic shifts in consumer and business technologies, as well as in social trends and business models, has encouraged of re-thinking of “What is IP?” and “How can it be used?”

“KnowIt will not focus on the nuts and bolts of IP,” says KnowIt CEO, Cheryl Slipski, a successful fintech developer and former partner at the Woodcock Washburn law firm. “Instead, it examines critical issues that are fundamental to understanding the changes happening today in areas like 5G and AI, and the changes that will define the innovation of the future.”

The current list of speakers includes David Kappos, Under Secretary of Commerce and USPTO Director, 2009-2013 (pictured); Jonathan Taplin, Hollywood producer, author and technology observer; Wes Anson, brand and trademark expert; Keith Bergelt, CEO of Open Invention Network; Scott Frank, CEO of AT&T IP; Astronaut Garrett Reisman (ret); India Pinkney, GC of the National Endowment for the Arts; and Judge Paul Michel (ret), Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Businesses represented include Louis Vuitton, Google AI, Airbnb, Microsoft, IBM and SpaceX.

What KnowIt features and adds:

  • Intellectual property, but goes beyond it to include all human (and artificial) intellectual output
  • Lawyers and matters of law, but goes beyond law to include the business and science of creating and protecting innovations
  • Panels and speakers, but goes beyond the passive listening experiences of the past to facilitate actionable exchange and collaboration.

“In the last century, the world has experienced unprecedented improvements in areas such as health, economic well-being, and overall quality of life,” says Slipski. “Intellectual property was an important enabler for realizing these advances, and it will to continue to be.”

Industries and areas technologies covered at KnowIt will include:

Power generation, pharmaceuticals and medicine, mining, machinery manufacturing, newspapers, computer equipment, electronic instruments, electronic goods, radio and television broadcasting, periodicals, books, motion pictures and video, sound recording, telecommunications carriers, advertising, independent artists, writers and performers.

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For the preliminary agenda and additional general sessions, go here.

For the current list of speakers, go here; to register, here

Image source: wikipedia.com; achetron.com; ariamgmresorts.com

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