China publishes plan to achieve “IP Power Country” status by 2020

The China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) recently published a document that outlines its strategy to achieve super IP power status this year. 

The document, “Plan for Further Implementation of the National Intellectual Property Strategy to Accelerate the Construction of an Intellectual Property Power Country by 2020,” was made available through China IP Law Update, published by the U.S. law firm, Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner.

The CIPLU article states that the plan lists 100 points to accomplish the goal of becoming an “IP Power Country.” They include:

  • Eliminating subsidies or rewards for utility model, design and trademark applications
  • Reducing examination time for trademark and patent applications
  • Reducing “abnormal” patent application filings and malicious filing of trademarks
  • Ensuring university promotions are not based solely on patent filings and grant rates

These and other initiatives are presumably being implemented to enhance IP rights quality, which has been suspect because of outsized filing rates for trademarks and patents.

IP Education Cited

Interestingly, IP education was included as one of the ways to achieve power status:

  • Vigorously advocate intellectual property culture… including the popularization of intellectual property knowledge education, deepen intellectual property education in primary and secondary schools, and continue to carry out copyright essay collection activities for college students across the country.”

With this and other initiatives, China’s citizens of all ages are apparently being targeted for better awareness of the role and benefits of intellectual property in supporting national goals, and are being encouraged to participate.

The full “IP Power” plan is available in Chinese here. Auto translation is provided courtesy of Google.

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