Augmented Reality Leads the Pack Among Gaming Patents Likely to Issue; Apple G.U.I. Patent is Granted

In the highly competitive world of gaming, more augmented reality patents have published but not yet issued than in other key areas. 

Streamed gaming and mobile gaming, while still active, have fewer patents published and likely to issue. The data, courtesy of Patent Newzbox, covers worldwide patents and patent applications for August to October 2021.

998 augmented reality gaming patents have been published but unissued, versus 609 for streamed gaming and 555 for mobile gaming.

Notably, on November 2 Apple was granted a patent for a “deep patent relating to GUIs for interacting with augmented and virtual reality environments.”

The graphical user interface patent relates to computer systems for virtual/augmented reality, including but not limited to electronic devices for interacting with augmented and virtual reality environments. Apple’s granted patent dates back to 2017, reports Patently Apple, and it is one of its “deepest detailed patents on the subject to date.”

Such methods and interfaces reduce the number, extent, and/or nature of the inputs from a user and produce a more efficient human-machine interface.

For more information including access to the published patent, go here.

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