Pandemic and Population Shifts Fuel Dramatic Internet Business Growth

New York may be forever known as the city that never sleeps, but the Internet has the data that never stops. 

The Internet now reaches 65% of the world’s population, or 5.17 million people. According to Domo and the Visual Capitalist via Statista, this represents and incredible 10% increase in just the six months from January to July 2021.

92.6% of this total access the Internet via mobile device. According to Statista the amount of data consumed globally in 2021, 79 terabytes, with more than double by 2025.

Go here for the full Internet by the minute infographic.

The Internet Minute

At the heart of the world’s digital activity are the everyday services and applications that have become staples to people all over the world.

Below is some of the activity that takes place in a single Internet minute:

  • Amazon customers spend $283,000
  • 12 million people send an iMessage
  • 6 million people shop online
  • Instacart users spend $67,000
  • Slack users send 148,000 messages
  • Microsoft Teams connects 100,000 users
  • YouTube users stream 694,000 videos
  • Facebook Live receives 44 million views
  • Instagram users share 65,000 photos
  • Tiktok users watch 167 million videos

The Power of Brand

What this growth means for intellectual property is that  followers and clicks can be turned into valuable brands. While content still matters, profiting from it has become increasingly challenging for all but A-list creators.

Patents have become less relevant to e-commerce, software and algorithms, yet approximately two-thirds (63%) of 2021-issued U.S. patents are software related. Clearly, some filers believe they have value.

Image and data source:; Statista

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