In 2022 the IP CloseUp Blog Surpassed 250,000 Visits; 360,000 Page Views

2022 was a breakthrough year for IP CloseUp, a leading independent blog that follows intellectual property developments, trends and people.

The no-fee publication has generated 250,000 visits and and exceeded 360,000 views since it was established in 2011.

IP CloseUp is most read in the U.S., however, in 2022 China slipped into fifth place, ahead of Germany and Japan, and behind Canada, India, the UK among nations where articles are accessed. We view the increasing international readership as evidence the growing relevance of IP awareness.

IP CloseUp is ranked by FeedSpot as among 2022’s
50 best Intellectual Property blogs

2022’s most popular posts

“Kearns’ Son” is still the most read post with 103,806 views since it was first published in 2013.

Shout Out 

Thank you IP CloseUp readers
for your support. This includes email subscribers, Bruce’s LinkedIn contacts and IP CloseUp’s many Twitter followers. Visits were just shy of 39,000 in 2022, down a fraction after successive double digit increases in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Thanks, too, to the many of those who like, share and comment on IPCU posts here on the blog and on social media.Engagement enables IPCU to grow.

Readers can subscribe for free at or at IP  CloseUp on Twitter or IP CloseUp on LinkedIn. We look forward to being with you 2023!

Top 50

FeedSpot ranks blogs “by traffic, social media followers, domain authority & freshness.”


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