Visits to IP CloseUp in 2019 top 30,000 for fourth year in a row; multi-year total is 240,000.

Visits to IP CloseUp in 2019 were up 7% over 2018 to 32,521. Total visitors over the past six years grew to over 240,000.

The most popular post on IP CloseUp continues to be Kearns’ Son Still Fuming Over Wiper Blade Fight, which has generated more than 88,000 visits since 2015.

$21 trillion in U.S. Intangible Assets is 84% of S&P 500 Value — IP Rights and Reputation Included, was among the most popular posts, for 2019, with 1,798 reads.

This Aon risk management sourced story focuses on the value as well as the percentage of intangible assets estimated to be held by S&P 500 companies – 21 trillion or 84% of the value of businesses in the Index.

Surprisingly, tangibles – real estate, plants & equipment, etc. – total less than $4 trillion.

Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley are Top Banks for Patent Loans attracted 2,887 visits in 2018 and 2019.

Another popular post is Men of Progress Depicts U.S. Inventions Past, Present and Future, has generated more than 1,000 visits. Men of Progress is an iconic “group” portrait of the great Industrial Age inventors that hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, which became the U.S. patent office in 1837.

Getting these busy innovators to sit for a single portrait proved to be impossible, so the artist, Christian Schussele, painted individual portraits of them, which he presented as a single painting. “Men of Progress” pre-dates techniques popularized by Photoshop by at least 140 years.

‘Thank You,’ Readers

To all of those who have have continued read IP CloseUp over the years – subscribers, LinkedIn members and Twitter followers –  thank you for your support.  Thanks, too, to the many of those who tweet and retweet us, and otherwise disseminate IPCU on social media and search engines, especially Google.


Thanks, too, for your comments — we like hearing from you.

Trends and Cracks

There are many IP blogs. What IP CloseUp does a little better than some of the others – we believe – is identify trends and dissect aspects of IP stories that may have been overlooked, incompletely considered or that simply fell through the cracks.

We look forward to sharing more with you in 2020.

Image source:;; Edward Sachse & Co., chromolithograph, c. 1857.

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