Nine First-Timers are Added to the ‘Top-100 Global Innovators’; Japan Lost Three spots, France Two

Nine companies were added for the first time to Clarivate’s 2021 list of the Top 100 Global Innovators, including a few relatively unknowns: BorgWarner, ASUS, Bose, Kinpo, China Academy of Telecommunications Technology, Arm, KLA, Qorvo and SK Telecom.

Key facts about the top 100 innovators:

  • Companies were added from Mainland China, the UK, South Korea, Taiwan and the U.S.
  • There was a jump in electronics and semiconductor companies, with six new entrants: Bose, Kinpo Electronics, KLA, ASUS, Arm and Qorvo
  • BorgWarner and Yazaki were added in the automotive section
  • There were  three fewer from Japan and two fewer entries from France
  • The Chinese Academy of Telecommunications Technology; joining ITRI in Taiwan, the University of California in the U.S., Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft of Germany and KAIST in South Korea
  • ARM is the first British company to be included in the top 100. It was acquired in 2021 by NVIDIA


Clarivate in its tenth anniversary edition of its Top 100 Global Innovators cites four thresholds for inclusion: Patent Volume, Influence (external citations), Success (ability to get patents issued), Globalization (the level of investment in patent applications).

The ability for a patent to issue is often dependent on the industry  a company competes in, the volume of their filing activities and the patent office classification they appear under.

Go here to read The Top 100 Global Innovators 2021.

Image source: Clarivate

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