IP CloseUp Views were Up a Record 21% in 2021; Total Increase Since 2018 is 44%

IP CloseUp celebrated its Tenth Anniversary in 2021, with viewership up 44% since 2018.  Annual increases since 2018 were 7%, 11 % and 21%, respectively.

The 2021 single year increase of 21% over 2020 was achieved on just 53 posts for a total of more than 43,800 views for the year. Total IP CloseUp views now exceed 320,000.

The most read posts:

Other popular posts included:

Growing Readership

The U.S. remains by far the most significant source of IP CloseUp readers, with audiences in India, the UK, Canada, China and Germany, providing significant growth. Other nations where readership has increased include Singapore, Japan, Australia, South Korea and France.

The Kearns post continues to attract the greatest interest with 102,000 visits generated since 2016. A subsequent post about the Kearns family can be found here.

Why IP CloseUp?

Each week IP CloseUp covers important IP developments and trends of interest to IP owners, creators, investors, lawyers, educators, consumers and service providers, as well as to policymakers.

Follow IP CloseUp on Twitter and LinkedIn, or by subscribing for free by going to the home page and scrolling down to the bottom of the page on the right side and providing an email address. (IPCU does not share subscriber information.)

Image source: originalfilmart.com

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